Seize the moment for a global pandemic surveillance and response scheme

No more pandemics – this is the ambitious goal set by the Independent Panel for Pandemic Preparedness and Response, whose report reviews the international community’s response to covid-19 and identifies lessons learned.
Covid-19 has shown that our lack of globally accurate, real-time data on outbreaks is a matter of life and death. A leading group of scientists and experts, from every part of the world, must come together urgently to create a new, neutral, and trusted digital system that can revolutionize how data is gathered and used globally. […]

high tech pandemic surveillance and response scheme

The case for a high-tech pandemic surveillance and response scheme

When the World Health Assembly (WHA) convened in May 2020, the world was struggling to respond to one of the worst health crises in recent history. A year later, the COVID-19 pandemic is still infecting hundreds of thousands and killing tens of thousands a day. Could the international community have prevented the outbreak of a new respiratory infection in Wuhan from becoming a global disaster, which has battered health systems and pushed millions into poverty? To answer this question, the WHA asked the Director-General […]

A multidimensional risk dashboard for COVID-19

Numerous digital health solutions and dashboards have emerged in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, several of them operate in extremely data scarce environments and fail to consider the realities of the systems they are embedded in,
prompting the need for a new data imagination. This ‘stories and statistics’ report explores the value of synthesising qualitative and
quantitative data in digital-health dashboarding for COVID and other emerging infectious
diseases (EIDs). It proposes a framework for creating a multidimensional […] ‍