Geneva is supposed to watch over health data worldwide The S

Geneva is supposed to watch over health data worldwide

The Swiss Botnar Foundation lays the foundation stone in Geneva for an organization that wants to regulate the handling of health data globally. How do you get a project up and running for which there is a great global need but no responsibility? It’s about the bulky regulation of digital health data. Its use offers enormous potential for positive change, but also for abuse. The question […]

I-DAIR incubation launch in Geneva

I-DAIR incubation launch in Geneva

The new International Digital Health & Artificial Intelligence Research Collaborative (I-DAIR), has launched its incubation phase at the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies, Geneva with the support of Fondation Botnar, a Swiss-based foundation that champions the use of AI and digital technology to improve the wellbeing of young people.[…]

Reimagining Global Health through AI In 2016

Reimagining Global Health through AI

In 2016, the ITU-UNESCO Broadband Commission launched its first Working Group on Digital and AI in Health, resulting in a Call for Government Leadership and Intersectoral Collaboration or Digital Health. In 2018, it issued its second report, The Promise of Digital Health : Addressing Noncommunicable Diseases to Accelerate Universal Health Coverage in LMICs, at the United Nations General Assembly in New York.
These reports were a call to action for governments, policymakers, and other stakeholders to build and […]

Realising the promise of digitally-enbled heath

Realising the promise of digitally-enabled health

The first digital medical tool, the Computed Axial Tomography or CT scan, was invented nearly five decades ago in 1972. It combined slices of two-dimensional images digitally into a three-dimensional visualisation of the body, which was earlier possible only post mortem. This was a boon to diagnosticians in a number of specialties and has saved countless lives.
Coincidentally, digital technologies entered a new era around the same time with the
invention of the TCP/IP protocols over 1973-74. The network of computers constituting the Internet […]