I-DAIR’s hubs: a global network of regional expertise promoting transdisciplinary, diverse and shared digital solutions for health.

The regional hubs are the backbone of I-DAIR’s distributed architecture. They provide a so far non-existing platform for regional leadership on digital health and AI research and can ensure the development of a growing number of digital and AI-based solutions for health issues that are built upon globally pulled lessons learnt and based upon a global expertise to be the most sustainable, efficient, relevant, impactful and inclusive.

On November 24, 2021: Launch of I-DAIR’s Digital Health and AI Global Research Map (GRM)

On November 24th, 2021, I-DAIR will launch the Global Research Map (GRM) during a hybrid event at the Intercontinental in Geneva with online participation.

The event will include a demonstration of the GRM tool and its functionality to be followed by a panel discussion with representatives of I-DAIR partners and stakeholders on the added-value and potential applications of the GRM.