Innovations dialogues 2021

I-DAIR will be attending at UNIDR’s Innovations Dialogue 2021

Dr. Gill will be speaking on 25 August at UNIDIR’s Innovations Dialogue on Preserving and Fostering Digital Trust: The Way Forward. In the era of digital transformation, digital technologies now underpin core societal functions. Our ability to unlock the true potential of digital technologies and leverage their transformative benefits for society, economy and the environment is dependent on preservation of trust […]

etting governance right for an international collaborative on digital health

Getting Governance right for an international collaborative on Digital Health

Health is our capstone piece in I-DAIR, a reminder that multilateralism exists for a global purpose, and digital technology is not an escape from our analogue world but a means to addressing its challenges. This integrated view of governance and impact, we hope, will help us achieve our goals, including interoperability and collaborative use of data, investments into digital infrastructures and human capacity, and developing the public goods—tools, models, benchmarks and governance insights—needed to democratise the use of emerging digital technologies […]

Realising the promise of digitally-enbled heath

Realising the promise of digitally-enabled health

The first digital medical tool, the Computed Axial Tomography or CT scan, was invented nearly five decades ago in 1972. It combined slices of two-dimensional images digitally into a three-dimensional visualisation of the body, which was earlier possible only post mortem. This was a boon to diagnosticians in a number of specialties and has saved countless lives.
Coincidentally, digital technologies entered a new era around the same time with the
invention of the TCP/IP protocols over 1973-74. The network of computers constituting the Internet […]

Digital health as an enabler of human rights

Digital health as an enabler of human rights

A distinction is often made in human rights between civil and political rights on the one hand and social, economic and cultural rights on the other. Indeed, two of the core covenants on human rights embody this distinction. In recent years, there has been a
return to the unified and integrated approach of the 1948 Universal Declaration on Human Rights. Notions such as human dignity and wellbeing that we intuitively grasp across cultures underpin this approach.
Digital technologies are unprecedented in their reach and applicability across domains of human activity. […] ‍