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AI governance for a global digital ecosystem

AI governance is like one of those mythical creatures that everyone speaks of but which no one has seen. Sometimes, it is reduced to a list of shared principles such as transparency, non-discrimination, and sustainability; at other times, it is confated with specifc mechanisms for certifcation of algorithmic solutions or ways [...]

Reimagining Global Health through AI In 2016

Reimagining Global Health through AI

In 2016, the ITU-UNESCO Broadband Commission launched its first Working Group on Digital and AI in Health, resulting in a Call for Government Leadership and Intersectoral Collaboration or Digital Health. In 2018, it issued its second report, The Promise of Digital Health : Addressing Noncommunicable Diseases [...]

Realising the promise of digitally-enabled health

The first digital medical tool, the Computed Axial Tomography or CT scan, was invented nearly five decades ago in 1972. It combined slices of two-dimensional images digitally into a three-dimensional visualisation of the body, which was earlier possible only post mortem. This was a boon to diagnosticians in a number of specialties and [...]

Digital health as an enabler of human rights

Digital health as an enabler of human rights

A distinction is often made in human rights between civil and political rights on the one hand and social, economic and cultural rights on the other. Indeed, two of the core covenants on human rights embody this distinction. In recent years, there has been a return to the unified and integrated approach of the 1948 Universal [...] ‍

A multidimensional risk dashboard for COVID-19

Numerous digital health solutions and dashboards have emerged in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, several of them operate in extremely data scarce environments and fail to consider the realities of the systems they are embedded in, prompting the need for a new data imagination. This ‘stories [...] ‍