DIHS Pathfinder

Digital Innovations in Health Systems (DIHS)

    With this pathfinder, we are keen to explore different innovations that will help strengthen health systems and improve access to essential health services and medicines. An area of interest is on Maternal and Child Health. In particular, we will like to focus our work on geographies where poor patient outreach is faced by local community health workers.

    We will explore the feasibility and potential of implementing a digital platform that connects pregnant women, health workers and health facilities. On the proposed platform, mothers are able to access personalized medical advice throughout their pregnancy and timely referrals to care when necessary; female community health volunteers will be able to follow up with their patients better and be held more accountable for their work, and the health facilities can better predict the needs for surgery and prepare for them in advance. Through this work, we aim to develop cross-cutting and context-specific approaches which will digitally transform health care workstreams and establish the technical and governance requirements that will facilitate the extension of digital technology into AI responsibly.