BCoP Pathfinder

Bridging Research and Practice (BCoP)

    There are four challenges that this PathFinder seeks to address :

    • Lack of opportunities for collaboration across public, private and academic sectors and the consequent fragmentation of R & D effort;
    • Absence of common language among designers, researchers, developers, deciders and practitioners; lack of shared appreciation of ethical and human rights concerns;
    • In silico prospective tech solutions without integration of cross-domain socio-economic, health and policy contexts;
    • Insufficient engagement of youth, health workers and of innovators in research and development of digital health solutions.

    Through this PathFinder, I-DAIR will explore :

    • Digital ecosystems for healthcare, health research and health promotion stitched together by diagnostic and other data flows.
    • Narrative based training for health professionals and researchers to shift their mindsets from “competitive” to “collaborative” and from “domain-specific” to “cross- domain”;
    • Youth challenges, fellowships and experience-sharing on data collection, annotation and use for low or no information settings.
    • ‘Tinkerers forge’ for collaborative development of innovations

    I-DAIR will also consider supporting the work of WHO and other international organisations on capacity-building through innovative research on:

    • Micro-learning for health professionals using Artificial Intelligence;
    • The early integration of data science into undergraduate medical education and vice versa, say by taking medical imaging to undergraduate engineering classes; integration of ethical and social science perspectives into both medical and computer science education.

    A pilot project on narratives to bridge health worker and patient communities, and develop a shared vocabulary, which cross-links to our benchmarking work, is under way.

    In this phase, we will curate early thinking from the above approaches into a roadmap for digital health research capacity-building integrating inputs from the other PathFinders.