The PathFinders will help build the foundation for I-DAIR to become a neutral and trusted platform for global collaboration on digital health and Artificial Intelligence for solving health problems.

Our PathFinders (PFs) are the tools through which I-DAIR currently engages partners in research and policy at a local, national, regional or global level. They allow us to ask questions, avoid presumptions about potential solutions, develop a scientific agenda for our launch as also enablers for future research.

An I-DAIR research project could explore and contribute to several PathFinders at once. Our partners in these projects benefit from the scientific learnings and technologies developed through the PathFinders, which create a digital ecosystem for developing and sharing global public goods.

Through expert consultations, I-DAIR has identified ten PathFinders. For the incubation phase (running until 2022), we have chosen to focus on seven PathFinders out of the original ten :

GRM Pathfinder
RTED Pathfinder
DADI Pathfinder
Benchmarking Pathfinder
BCoP Pathfinder
Governance Pathfinder
DIHS Pathfinder
Genomic Pathfinder
Mental Health Pathfinder
Responsible Ecosystems Pathfinder