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AI governance for a global digital ecosystem

AI governance is like one of those mythical creatures that everyone speaks of but which no one has seen. Sometimes, it is reduced to a list of shared principles such as transparency, non-discrimination, and sustainability; at other times, it is confated with specifc mechanisms for certifcation of algorithmic solutions or ways to protect the privacy of personal data. We
suggest a conceptual and normative approach to AI governance in the context of a global digital public goods ecosystem
to enable progress on the UN Sustainable […]


The signing of MoU between CENS and I-DAIR

The signing between CENS and the I-DAIR platform will allow Chile to participate in a global network dedicated to establishing collaborations in digital health and artificial intelligence, to solve health system problems through research and development. The CENS will become a development pole for Chile and Latin America, which will have the mission of promoting the creation of advanced capabilities in data […]

MoU Tunisia

The signing of a partnership agreement with ESPRIT

The Tunisian Private University of Engineering and Technologies – ESPRIT signed a partnership agreement with the International Digital Health & Artificial Intelligence Research Collaborative. ESPRIT will be part of the I-DAIR project that brings together international authorities in a research collaboration to ensure the deployment of patient data and AI in a responsible and respectful of human rights.

Davos Digital Forum Health edition

I-DAIR will be attending at Davos Digital Forum, Health Edition

Dr. Amandeep Gill, will be speaking on 28 January, at Davos Digital Forum, Health Edition, on Harnessing digital technologies for health through a new global collaborative. The Covid-19 pandemic has underlined the urgent necessity of resilient and responsive health systems across the globe. Research, innovation, and emerging technologies need to be leveraged wisely and collaboratively for universal healthcare. […]


I-DAIR will be attending at Prince Mahidol Award Conference

Dr. Amandeep Gill, will be speaking on 13 January, at Prince Mahidol Award Conference, on Will the Healthcare Technologies From COVID-19 Lead to a Permanent Shift in How Global Healthcare is Delivered? COVID-19 is the first pandemic where the rapid deployment of technology solutions became a core component of the race to understand, contain and deliver a potential treatment. […]

Geneva is supposed to watch over health data worldwide The S

Geneva is supposed to watch over health data worldwide

The Swiss Botnar Foundation lays the foundation stone in Geneva for an organization that wants to regulate the handling of health data globally. How do you get a project up and running for which there is a great global need but no responsibility? It’s about the bulky regulation of digital health data. Its use offers enormous potential for positive change, but also for abuse. The question […]

punjab MoU

Punjab Government inks agreement with I-DAIR

The Punjab Government and the International Digital Health & Artificial Intelligence Research Collaborative (I-DAIR) will be laying the groundwork for key projects in the area of digital health solution in the coming months. The two sides have inked an MoU under which they will work on projects that will include data interoperability, real time epidemiology and dashboard, benchmarking of digital […]

I-DAIR promises responsible solutions from new health technology

I-DAIR promises responsible solutions from new health technology

I-DAIR aims to promote collaboration on research into digital health and artificial intelligence (AI).

While digital and AI technologies are moving into more aspects of our economies, societies and personal lives, when it comes to health, their potential is often still lagging – to the point that in some cases, people can even face “death by digital exclusion”, in the words of the World Health Organisation’s (WHO) Chief Scientist, […]