“Be the neutral and trusted platform for ​enabling global research collaborations on digital health and Artificial Intelligence for health”. ‍

Our Journey

I-DAIR was first convened by the Fondation Botnar in September 2019 and is currently hosted at the Graduate Institute of International & Development Studies in Geneva, Switzerland. Since August 2020, I-DAIR has entered its incubation phase with a view to formal launch in 2022.
During our first year of work, we focused on 3 goals :
  • Clarifying I-DAIR’s value-add for national and regional efforts
  • Building a diverse interdisciplinary team of top professionals
  • Setting up key policy, funding, and scientific partnerships required to establish the Collaborative.

We also identified a set of “PathFinder projects” to enable global health problem solving by international interdisciplinary teams. These projects help us constitute the building blocks of :
  • Future agenda for research & development;
  • Investment casebooks for interoperable digital infrastructures and data flows;
  • Road-maps for R&D capacity-building;
  • Data and AI Governance insights;
  • Other enablers for distributed pooling of human, financial, computing, and data-related resources for global health.

Our projects unveil key interoperability, governance, validation, benchmarking, and collaboration challenges in digital health. They also demonstrate how I-DAIR enables global health problem solving with Digital Health tools and Artificial Intelligence – through a distributed use of data without hoarding, equitable socio-economic value-creation,​ and federated research and innovation.

While we build our own innovative operating and governance structure, we seek inspiration from existing scientific collaboratives such as CERN. On the policy side, we look up to the work of global governance bodies such as the UNSG’s High-level Panel on Digital Cooperation recommendations on digital health, and the World Health Organization (WHO) while keeping an ear on the practice on the ground. ‍ ‍ ‍