GRM Pathfinder

Global Research Map (GRM)

    To date, no comprehensive global research map or overview of research activities on Artificial Intelligence and Digital Health is available.
    Our Global Research Map is essential to provide situational awareness to regions, countries and multilateral organisations for developing their own strategies and digital health activities.

    There are several ways in which our map can enable solutions for global health problems :

    • It provides a floor for discussions in global health policy bodies such as the World Health Assembly;
    • Partners can use it together with the report delivered by the joint Lancet/Financial Times Commission to identify policy and governance gaps for the achievement of universal health care and SDG3;
    • It enables I-DAIR and donor agencies to identify gaps and potential areas of extension and interconnection.

    I-DAIR will undertake a taxonomy development and mapping exercise, which includes the following :

    • An inclusive process of consultations which gathers information on emerging R&D efforts in diverse geographies of innovations;
    • An AI-based stakeholder mapping tool used in parallel with the consultations to tease out the latest research and technology development trends;
    • A visualization tool for presenting the GRM.